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Our new second location, GoKart Racer Sacramento is now OPEN, same hours and racing as our Burlingame track near the San Francisco Airport. The new track is at 1430 Enterprise Blvd. West Sacramento (916)604-7223

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We have 2 tracks at each location so their is almost never any wait. Stop in and have some family fun today! Everyone including kids must have a government issued ID to be allowed to drive the gokarts.


No Reservations Required

We have 2 tracks so there is usually no wait, just sign up and race.

Make sure everyone brings their ID with them and anyone under 18 without a drivers license will only be able to drive the Junior or Kid gokarts before they can drive with the regular customers. Junior karts and kid karts are only allowed to drive on the Yokohama track and are not allowed to ever drive on the SuperTrack or the Monza track. (call (650)692-7223 for details)

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Fun & Safe!!!


At GoKart Racer we take safety seriously.

Four point seat belts, neck support, racing suits, DOT approved helmets, and a roll bar keep you completely safe while enjoying the best racing experience for any indoor gokart race track. Why drive a Volt when you can drive a Ferrari!


Wednesday/Friday night Enduros!!!

Monza enduros are run on Wednesday
Yokohama enduros are run on Friday
No minimum drivers per team!
Run it by yourself or bring some friends!
5 minutes of qualifying
45 minutes of racing


Onboard Camera

Get a driver's eye view of how to run the Yokohama track, Monza track, and SuperTrack.

Monza track
Yokohama Track


Take a look around GoKart Racer

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The Greenest Indoor Gokart Track in America

We have converted our fleet of Sodi RX 7 gokarts to run on E85 Bio Fuel. This green fuel is made from many different renewable resources and creates far less emissions than fossil fuels.(Click here to read more about Bio Fuels.) That leaves us less dependant on fossil fuels and greener than even an electric gokart track! (Click here to read how PG&E uses nonrenewable fossil fuels and nuclear energy to generate electricity.) Stop by today, and have some fun in the greenest and fastest gokarts in America! 

GoKart Racer is locally owned and operated, so it is not a national chain, we go the extra mile to make sure you have the best event or celebration possible. Corporate events, bachelor parties, and birthday parties will be remembered for years to come when they are held at GoKart Racer!


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