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August 2005

Paul Newman and Don Bleu Race for Charity at the San Jose Grand Prix

On Friday, July 29th, Newman stopped by the GKR track to get a feel for the karts before Saturday's Canary Fund Charity Race at the San Jose Grand Prix. Like most teenagers, Jordan Jadallah (one of our junior Leagues Racer) didn't know the name Paul Newman, but that didn't stop him from leading Newman around the track for a good hour. They stopped every so often to find better techniques.

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January 4, 2005 - The Mercury News

Popularity of indoor go-kart racing accelerates in Bay Area

By Matt Nauman
Mercury News

Silicon Valley's economy has been going around in circles for the past few years, but that hasn't been all bad for Dave Robison and his GoKart Racer business.

Going around in circles, and doing it faster than anyone else, is what it's all about at the indoor karting facility in Burlingame, not far from San Francisco's airport.

GoKart Racer is making money -- much of it from corporate clients who still consider team building and employee-reward activities as vital parts of their business.

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August 12, 2004 - San Mateo Daily Journal

The San Mateo Daily Journal—news coverage from San Bruno to Redwood City—an article featuring GoKart Racer and Kevin Chambers took over nearly a full page including photos. Kevin is a race car driver in the Speed World GT Challenge and drives a 2002 C-5 Corvette on the circuit's windy, road courses. Kevin practices a couple of hours a week at GoKart Racer and says, "They have this 'SuperTrack' there now and it's really a smaller simulation of a road course. There are a lot of tight turns and racing here is another tool to help me stay in shape." GoKart Racer presents, Kevin said, "physical and mental challenges, and most of all, is fun."

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February 2004 - Intense Sport Magazine
\93The Duck Pond\94

Chris Gangai \96 San Jose, CA

Karting in the bay here in Northern California

Now when I say Karting, I'm not talking about Malibu Grand Prix.  Granted Malibu provides and \93outdoor racing\94 experience, I'm talking about the racing facilities that are indoors with Karts that absolutely haul butt!  We have a few facilities that have been open for sometime that provide a great racing environment for us speed demons.  Such places like RPM in Sacramento, Lemans in Fremont, and Speed Ring in Santa Clara have paved the way for an exciting way to get together with friends, co-workers, and family.  I have gotten the privilege to race on all these tracks and found that Karting is a great racing experience.

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Champ Car Driver Michel Jourdain Jr. Visits GoKart Racer before racing at Laguna Seca Raceway.

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